Opinion Line Extra (March 7)

03/07/2014 12:00 AM

03/06/2014 5:33 PM

The City Council voted to change the name of Mid-Continent Airport to Eisenhower Airport. What a waste of $140,000. The council members have no respect for the people who earn the tax money by the sweat of their brow. I hope we vote them out of office.

Instead of calling Wichita the “Air Capital,” we should call it the “Money Pit of the Midwest.”

The city of Wichita certainly has its priorities straight – lots of money to rename the airport after Eisenhower but no money for Sedgwick County’s boys ranch. Let all the people who want the airport name change contribute the money for it.

If we rename the landfill the Eisenhower Center for the Ecological Treatment of Waste and Recyclables, is it still a dump?

Russia gets a strong leader. Democrats elect a buffoon. Wonderful.

The man in the White House shows weakness, arrogance, ineptitude and is no match for the cunning, aggressive, crafty, chesslike moves of Russia’s Putin. Look out: This guy is out to take control of the world, not fundamentally try to change it into his design.

So we are giving $1 billion to the latest poor foreign nation in trouble? Who authorized John Kerry to make this offer? Was it Congress? I doubt it. More Obama-Democratic fluff to look good.

So far Obama has hidden from his mistakes in Benghazi. Hiding his Ukraine mistakes will be equivalent to Roosevelt hiding World War II.

These Republicans want to destroy this country so badly since Obama won the presidency that now they will side with Putin just to make our president look bad in some way, and hope to get us in another war. How sick is that?

Obamacare is all about political power, whereas delaying the Obamacare mandates is nothing but power politics.

How about editorial cartoonist Richard Crowson giving a bit of equal time to the flame-throwing liberals like Harry Reid and his tirades against the Koch brothers? Or does Crowson not believe in equal bashing?

Does GOP stand for Grumpy Old People?

Most Wichitans probably learn their poor driving habits watching their parents drive around town, but they perfect the rudeness driving around Wichita State.

I like the way the WSU basketball players go by their whole names.

I can’t wait to see all these WSU fans fall off after Gregg Marshall is gone and the Shocks struggle.

We were ask to park on the north side of the street on Monday and on the south side Tuesday for street cleaning. Nothing was said about Wednesday, so I left the cars in the garage.

Hey, all you telephone solicitors: When you hang up on my answering machine, I have to assume your call wasn’t important enough for you to bother me in the first place.

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