Opinion Line (March 7)

03/07/2014 12:00 AM

03/06/2014 5:33 PM

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One week Secretary of State John Kerry is opining about climate change. The next week it’s the gay-issue bill in Arizona. Meanwhile, Iran builds a nuclear bomb.

Obama has allowed the Cold War to reignite. Obama lost the Middle East, and now Egypt has signed arms and defense agreements with Russia. The U.S. is seen as a clown everywhere. Yes, elections have consequences.

If President Obama were to perform the exact presidential duties he has so far, only in Republican shoes, there would be no disrespect, no obstructionism, no uncooperativeness, no sabotage. But since he wears Democratic shoes, it’s no holds barred, and citizens are the losers.

How is it a court can decide what is the real amount of school funding? Everything funded by tax dollars can’t be done by emotions or impulse.

Since K-State is getting a $60 million donation, tuition and fees should go down next year – right?

Last week we were bemoaning the cost of snow removal and decrying the need for funds to maintain city-owned assets. Now we are blowing money on an unneeded name change for our airport. Way to go, boys and girls. We’d be better served giving it to the Lord’s Diner.

Renaming your airport is like putting lipstick on a pig. The airport is still in Wichita.

Let the petition signers and the City Council members pay for the name change themselves. A terminal-only name change would have sufficed, and I bet it would have only cost a few hundred dollars in signage.

Great, now people are going to complain about the new airport name in The Eagle for months.

Now that we have an outstanding presidential airport, let’s move on to a less important issue: bus transportation. Some folks count on the buses being there for them.

I have lived in Wichita for most of my life and am very disappointed that racism is still quite prominent here. It saddens me that people are so ignorant. Change is constant, people. Catch up with the times.

I will never understand why anyone cares about what those phonies wear to the Oscars – Hollywood’s self-promoting nonevent.

Thank you, Wichita Public Library, for providing all of Wichita the opportunity to experience the wonderful Oscar short films – for free. Another reason to appreciate our amazing library system.

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