Opinion Line Extra (March 6)

03/06/2014 12:00 AM

03/05/2014 5:27 PM

What does the current secretary of state do to serve Kansans? Kris Kobach spends his time and energy in other states constructing their voter-ID laws. If there’s not enough work here to keep him busy, let’s save the state some money and aggravation and abolish the position.

I was regularly spanked as a child, but it was never a deterrent for behavior that I thought might result in a spanking. It taught me to handle situations through aggression, bullying, force and violence. Luckily, I learned that understanding and kindness were better ways to face the world.

Slick streets bring out Wichita’s dumbest drivers. Every time.

Freezing cold, blizzards – we all should get down on our knees and thank God for Al Gore. If not for his global warming, think how bad it could have been.

I understand technology in schools. What I don’t understand is teachers using their cellphones for personal calls and texting while my child waits for their attention.

I never have understood why WSU fans always bring up the Jayhawks regarding basketball, as the Shockers should make their so-called mark on their own ability. WSU must finally play ranked teams with winning records in the big dance and hope it meets KU.

To the person who knows of no KU fan unhappy about WSU’s success: You obviously haven’t been on Facebook in the past month.

Spending even $1 to change the name of the airport is a mistake. Vice Mayor Pete Meitzner’s attitude that $140,000 is no big deal is exactly why the government and so many citizens are drowning in debt. That $140,000 could be used in so many better ways.

It’ll be awkward at first saying “Ikeport,” with that “k” and “p” together, but we’ll get used to it.

The United States could be in trouble, especially since God’s protection is long gone due to our continual sin and mockery of God.

As Russia prepares to invade Ukraine it reminds us that Gen. George Patton was right. He should have continued with his tanks to the east.

The Crimea invasion of 2014 sounds frighteningly similar to the Sudetenland occupation of 1938. Only this dictator doesn’t have a fuzzy little mustache.

Since the United States is $17 trillion-plus in debt and Congress and Obama recently approved going even further into the hole, how many Monopoly games are we going to have to come up with to loan Ukraine $1 billion? Can we use bitcoins?

Poor columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. Now he’s concerned that if Hillary Clinton runs for president, the right may actually criticize her. I have to assume that he has conveniently forgotten what the left did to Sarah Palin. Oh, that’s right – it’s OK when the left does it.

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