Opinion Line (March 6)

03/06/2014 12:00 AM

03/05/2014 5:27 PM

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Better Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport than the old Kansas City airport castoff name of Mid-Continent. At least the new name reflects a hero of the Greatest Generation.

I never called it Wichita Mid-Continent Airport anyway. I always just said Wichita airport and will continue to do so. Sorry about that, Dwight D. We’ll stay ICT with all airlines and other airports.

New name for our airport? Does the public not have any say? I think it’s time for a new City Council. I know the public has a say in that.

It is a shame the city can’t come up with any male leaders to name the airport after who weren’t said to have cheated on their wives. Moral character should be an important factor to consider before honoring such men. Oh, wait – maybe there isn’t any.

For the politically correct: Name the airport OMMA, the Obama Momma Memorial Airport. At least there is a connection to Wichita, as unwanted as it is. Where else is she immortalized?

Can someone say why Missouri and California ended up with so many Boeing employees, while Kansas was losing so many? Was there a political mistake made, or did rural mentality keep us from thinking too forward?

Kansas campaign-finance reform: Hide the money in a science book.

If House Speaker Ray Merrick considers this to be a “tremendous” legislative session, God help us if we ever have a bad one.

As the Kansas and American workforces turn gray, what becomes evident is the youthful population that can be gained through an acceptable immigration policy. It becomes our ace in the hole for supporting the boomers.

Our do-nothing president has made the United States the laughingstock of the world by not taking action in the Ukraine crisis. Vladimir Putin knows he is weak. Our Congress must act to counteract Putin and not let Ukraine slide back to the Russians.

Obama and John Kerry are the Abbott and Costello of global diplomacy.

I am so pleased with Obama’s hope and change, especially the almost total loss of America’s international prestige. Jimmy Carter’s legacy is salvaged.

Is it the law that when you want to change lanes or merge into traffic, if the car in the adjacent lane has two open car lengths in front and an open block behind, you are required to drag race the adjacent driver, squeeze in ahead and then suddenly slow down?

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