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March 5, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (March 5)

America can’t take care of itself properly. How does it expect to police the world?

America can’t take care of itself properly. How does it expect to police the world?

Barack Obama says he thinks Vladimir Putin seems to have a different set of lawyers regarding his Ukrainian incursion. No. Putin is playing chess while Obama is playing checkers.

It’s bad today in that anytime you disagree with Obama, you’re called a racist. Should Hillary Clinton be elected in 2016, if you disagree with her it’ll only be because you’re a sexist.

The fact that our country’s labor force is at a 35-year low indicates that our president hasn’t done anything for jobs since he was elected in 2008.

Paul Davis is an Obama Democrat who can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

I’m not at all worried about Jon Stewart’s ridiculing of Kansas. I would be worried if he were praising the state. Stewart is ridiculous, not funny. Kansas newspaper editors: Please get over your inferiority complex.

I don’t care if you’re “straight.” Just keep it to yourself.

House Speaker Ray Merrick is a moron if he thinks he can just take ALEC boilerplate bills, fill in the blanks for the state, and then assume the legislation is constitutional.

In my 75 years of dealing with the federal government and IRS, I’ve never had any reason for mistrust. It’s the recent crop of Kansas congressmen who talk out of both sides of their mouth that I mistrust.

Congratulations, Wichita City Council members. In wasting money and time renaming the airport you have once again shown the citizens and voters of Wichita that when it comes to our money no dollar should be left unspent.

Why do we have to have a new name for the airport? Haven’t the City Council members got more important items on the agenda?

Are you kidding? More tax dollars for career and technical education in our schools? In the ’90s we gutted the “vocational” programs in USD 259 because everyone was going to college. Now they want us to pay to put them back, only using a different name. Fool me once....

Will it be considered discrimination when after you die you are denied entering heaven because of the sins you committed on Earth?

Regarding a man without a birth certificate who could not get state-issued ID: Years ago my grandmother was able to use the birth record as entered in her family Bible to register to vote. I would hope this would still be acceptable to the conservatives who have instituted new regulations.

Any chance of the Donut Whole getting better-looking outdoor seating for spring? Metal tables and chairs chained down so they don’t get stolen, maybe some umbrellas for decor. Shop Big Lots. It might attract more customers if they had a better place to sit outside. Take some pointers from Tanya’s.

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