Opinion Line (March 5)

03/05/2014 12:00 AM

03/04/2014 5:35 PM

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It’s interesting that KU wins the championship of the so-called best conference in college basketball, and it is not even the best team in the state.

Wichita is not a state. It’s a place – first. Way to go, WSU men’s basketball team.

It’s too bad we don’t hear more about WSU’s education programs and less about basketball.

As we watch the national debt clock reach $17.4 trillion, I ask: Why are people not more concerned? If this was your personal family debt and you were watching the numbers climb, how would you feel and what would you do? When will it end?

I would like to thank Chuck Hagel for being Obama’s huckleberry regarding the proposed Defense Department cuts. The Chinese, North Koreans, Russians and Iranians must be getting ready for whatever they want without fear of U.S. intervention.

I think that Obama and Eric Holder want us all to smoke pot so we will think Russia is no big deal.

What makes Obama and our government think we have the right to tell Russia what to do when we have troops all over the world?

Peace saves lives.

Our lawmakers still don’t get it. Leaving a child younger than 45 days old in a safe haven is one thing. Giving birth to a child while in a safe haven and then skipping out is entirely different.

It cost me $20 plus postage to replace my lost birth certificate from out of state. If I were poor, I would sooner that $20 go toward food or rent than toward becoming a legal (in Kansas) voter. That is making it harder for a class of people to vote.

When did Fred Phelps take over the Topeka Capitol?

I was saddened to read of the purchase and closing of Riverside Airport. Here we live in the Air Capital of the World and must drive to Kingman or Newton to find a decent airport and hangars for small aircraft.

I was shocked that the ICT Art Day of Giving’s collection of more than $300,000 was not on the front page. Where was the editorial shouting the praises of those who believe in the economic contribution of the arts? Thank you to all who gave during those 24 hours.

Never turn down the offer of a breath mint.

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