Opinion Line Extra (March 4)

03/04/2014 12:00 AM

03/03/2014 5:41 PM

I can see the logic to shrinking our military. Obama needs all the money he can find to pay for his Obamacare and trips. Besides, I’m sure he feels the military is a threat to him and the Democrats since as a whole the military doesn’t like them.

If you listen to the media, free speech only applies to billionaires who support liberal causes, as exemplified by Tom Steyer’s $100 million support for their flagging “climate change” agenda.

Wonder why it is that the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid finds it OK that George Soros buys and influences elections for the Democrats, but can’t stand it when the Koch brothers exercise their right to donate money to Republicans?

So exactly where in the New Testament does Jesus tell his followers to shun and hate homosexuals? God made all people equal. It’s time we put Christ back in Christianity.

What we need in this country is freedom from religion.

So, our Republicans legislators shot down a bill requiring an open-door policy for caucus meetings. It seems as though they don’t want to allow us the opportunity to scrutinize what really goes on in their meetings. I wonder why that is. Skulduggery afoot, maybe?

It is time to create a law to castrate men who rape children. That is the only thing that will slow down these monsters.

Don’t blame the union worker. It seems to me the CEOs of companies all have a contract on their wages and get big bucks and bonuses even when they screw up. Do not blame mismanagement on union workers who work hard every day to raise their families.

It amazes me that Wichita is now concerned about the water supply. Why did city officials not start dredging Cheney Reservoir two years ago when it was low? They could have used land movers, dozers, etc., and sold the dirt. These people in charge don’t think of the future until it is too late.

It’s easier and much more satisfying to punch the mute button than it is to ratchet down the volume when those load, blasting commercials come on.

It certainly would be nice for our local news to let us know when we are to lower our flags to half-mast. Only part of the government facilities were at half-mast recently. We had to go to the governor’s website to find out why.

Shocker fans: Enjoy the moment, as it will end soon when the NCAA tourney starts. No way are they a No. 1 team.

Dear NBC: I’m already tired of watching “Saturday Night Live” on Saturdays. Now you put the same garbage out there Monday through Friday late night. Please bring back Jay Leno one more time.

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