Opinion Line (March 4)

03/04/2014 12:00 AM

03/03/2014 5:40 PM

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Show me one person who uses our airport because of its name rather that its location and I’ll proudly support the name change.

Can’t the Wichita City Council find a better way to waste our taxes besides the outrageous expense to change the name of our airport, such as by better supporting our community’s needy?

Mid-Continent is a great name for our airport. Why fix something that’s not broken? Can Wichita be that desperate for attention?

Opponents of renaming Wichita’s airport after President Eisenhower rely on the excuse that he wasn’t a true Kansan just because he was born in Texas, though he spent nearly all of his youth in Abilene and always claimed Kansas as his home state.

Wichita is known worldwide as an aviation center. Few now remember Eisenhower. Changing the name of the airport should be decided by a vote of the citizens, not by a minority with an agenda.

Now that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has shed its sheep’s clothing, maybe Americans can stop hating each other and get back to hating Russia, and maybe much of the world can stop hating America and get back to hating Russia.

Then it was Germany taking over Sudetenland. Now it is Russia taking over the Crimea. Then the West stood by helplessly. Now the West stands by helplessly again.

Russian KGB operative, 3; USA community organizer, 0.

If JFK were alive he would not allow a Russian warship to be in Cuba, as one is now.

If we go to war with the Russians, let the sons and daughters of the U.S. Congress be the first to enlist.

Voter apathy is the problem. Only people fired up over hot-button topics care enough to vote. As long as the rest of us are too lazy to vote, or just don’t care, we will continue to have the best government in Kansas that money (and bigotry) can buy.

When will hardworking middle-class Kansans wake up and realize the Kansas Legislature is a sold-their-soul bunch of Koch-a-nuts?

“Thank you” to WSU coach Gregg Marshall for always being a class act in both actions and appearance.

Sweet memories Monday morning: Driving down Kellogg made me think of the “Dodge ’Em” car ride that was a favorite at Joyland years ago.

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