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03/02/2014 12:00 AM

02/28/2014 6:35 PM

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Have you noticed that the protesters in the Ukraine have no personal arms to defend themselves from an armed government? That is why we want to protect the right to bear arms in the U.S.

I went to the store the other day and saw firearms for sale to the general public. How is this possible? For six years now I’ve heard how Barack Obama is taking them all away.

In Kansas you can buy your groceries and a box of bullets in the same store but not your groceries and a box of wine.

The restoration of the Statehouse in Topeka was way too thorough. When it comes to economic and social issues, our Legislature now thinks it is 1886.

Note to Legislature: Making Kansas a laughingstock, cutting education funding and ridiculing results of scientific research does not invite businesses to move to or invest in Kansas. Supporting innovative efforts being made by WSU’s president and industry leaders in technology does.

Enough about Kansas being the laughingstock of the country. People from other states have problems of their own to contend with and don’t have the time to think about us. Please do something about your insecurities.

In eliminating the mortgage registration fee, the state would require counties to charge a per-page fee for each document recorded – making the locals again look like the bad guys. If someone cannot afford an extra $200-$300 when purchasing a new house, he shouldn’t be buying it.

HB 2453 won’t start a rash of businesses turning people away; such claims are moronic. It’s about protecting business owners against frivolous lawsuits. If anyone is being discriminated against, it’s the 98 percent heterosexual population by the 2 percent gay population.

If you think God wants you to discriminate, you’ve got issues.

I don’t care if you’re “gay.” Just keep it to yourself.

How much longer must right-thinking, freedom-loving, privacy-expecting citizens of these United States wait to welcome home hero Edward Snowden? If you don’t share these values that drove our ancestors to flee their lands of origin, maybe you should move to Russia or China.

I don’t understand Rep. Mike Pompeo’s naivete. Top officials of our intelligence agencies have repeatedly lied to Congress about domestic spying programs. Yet Pompeo says he is confident these agencies aren’t violating Americans’ civil liberties and privacy.

Give it up, Sen. Pat Roberts. At age 77, after 33 years of service in Congress, you want to run for six more stressful years? Why? The country will run without you, don’t worry. Go out and smell the roses. Life is short.

Will whoever took Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s pacifier please return it? I am tired of all his infantile crying.

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