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March 3, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (March 3)

“Like” is just another four-letter word that shouldn’t be used as a crutch every third word in a conversation.

“Like” is just another four-letter word that shouldn’t be used as a crutch every third word in a conversation.

Amen to no more pajamas in public. And while we’re at it, can guys and gals please wear something besides sneakers everywhere they go? A nice pair of shoes is more appropriate for church and going out to dinner.

A California school has banned American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo (and a federal court upheld the ban) because it could offend Mexican students. I believe the American flag should be allowed everywhere in the United States. If you are offended, go back to Mexico.

Charles Krauthammer polishes his neocon and Fox credentials with a hatchet job on climate science and an attack on climate scientists – after saying he’s neutral on warming (Feb. 22 Opinion). Maybe he should look out the window, metaphorically, to watch the oceans rise and acidify, the polar regions melt, etc.

If Hillary Clinton thinks that her “reset” with Russia was successful, don’t believe her words about “resetting” America in 2016.

Conservatives complain about gay athletes getting attention when they come out. It will continue to be this way as long as gays are treated as second-class citizens.

Discrimination is not a religious freedom.

Would all the supporters of HB 2543 please give me a list of all the types of people Jesus Christ would have refused to serve?

Gay money spends just like straight money.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

When I think about the actions of our lawmakers in Topeka, two words come to mind – mean-spirited. How do you suppose they became that way?

I’ve lived in Kansas 79 years and worked 54 of those years, paying taxes to help pay Pat Roberts’ salary. I’m retired now and would like to let him know I have two recliners at my home address.

Thanks to Americans for Prosperity and the old Kansas Taxpayers Network, Wichitans have put off maintaining streets, water and sewer systems, and public facilities, and will need to pay billions over the next two decades.

If Wichita city planners foresee funding shortages, then maybe they should think about the northern area of Wichita along with the core of the city. This would potentially attract new businesses and shoppers into Wichita.

What about the rich kids who do nothing and are given everything? How about their accountability?

My morning began on a high note when I read that I would no longer be seeing Craig Minten’s Rusty Eck Ford commercial saying, “If you don’t come see me today, I can’t save you any money” (Feb. 22 Business Today). I found it abrasive, loud and tiresome. My mute button will get a rest.

Until reading Minten’s comments about all of his talents and abilities, I thought Jesus was the only person who could walk on water.

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