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02/28/2014 12:00 AM

02/27/2014 5:18 PM

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You can’t say our president doesn’t now have military experience. He’s been spending our tax dollars like a drunken sailor for five years now.

The defense secretary, with the implicit approval of the president, just announced the U.S. was abandoning its superpower status. Progressives are bringing America down, to our enemies’ delight.

The Republican Party has turned so far to the right that it’s headed backward. The party is growing ever smaller in the political rearview mirror so fast that if it isn’t careful, it’ll drive itself right off the edge of the Earth.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stood on the Senate floor and said the Koch brothers are trying to buy America. I wish they would. I am sure they could do a much better job of running it than Reid and Obama.

Dear Koch brothers: It appears that you have put Harry Reid in a very big snit. Keep up the good work.

Democrats have not controlled the Legislature since 1992. Americans for Prosperity is running a “Repeal RPS” ad that blames Kathleen Sebelius. If the RPS is at fault, the blame should go to the Republican legislators who passed the law signed by Gov. Mark Parkinson.

The Affordable Care Act was designed to assist lower-income citizens to buy health care. Medicare was designed to assist senior citizens to buy health care coverage. If either is repealed, the other should be, too.

Via Christi is now the 900-pound gorilla in the health care market in Wichita. It sets wages and benefits for nearly all health care workers in town. It is time to organize a local union for health care workers.

As a registered nurse, I find I spend more time and energy “caring” for family members, their disputes and selfish desires than caring for their loved one. If you have loved ones in the hospital, let us take care of them and leave your dysfunction at home.

Is toxic smog in China due to America’s desire for way too many unnecessary products manufactured in that country?

Is it suspicious that the Cold War is back at the same time that we have had a brutal winter? Hmm.

One thing that the Shockers do better than the Jayhawks is that they show up for every game.

My granddaughter’s fifth-grade basketball team went undefeated this year, but the players are not whining about the eighth-grade team not wanting to play them.

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