Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 27)

02/27/2014 12:00 AM

02/26/2014 5:46 PM

Quit bragging about basketball in Kansas. The Wiggins brothers, one in Wichita and the other in Lawrence, are the main reasons for this phenomenon. There is more news around the world.

I love the Shockers and congratulate them but I just can’t watch them. It’s no fun watching them beat up on another high school team. Wake me up when they get to the big dance.

The WSU colors are black and gold, not yellow. Would KSU want its color called lavender or KU’s light blue? Let’s get the colors of the school right. Go, black and gold!

Enough of this: “O” is a letter and zero is a number. So let’s hear it for the coach and his team. Hooray for the Shockers – 30 and zero!

After Monday night’s win, it seems like most of the WSU “fans” remembered they were KU “fans.” Don’t worry – I’m sure they’ll be back.

Sen. Pat Roberts should be named the state fossil. He has been in office 30 years, and his ideas are fossilized. But wait – he is one of the “good old boys” in Washington, D.C., whom they can count on to play ball.

I wonder how many civil service employees will lose their jobs at the Pentagon with the military cutbacks.

Congratulations to the Rev. Kent Little of College Hill United Methodist Church for speaking up in Topeka. His clear voice rises above the hate and the bigotry shown by the Kansas leadership. HB 2453 is neither legally nor morally defensible. It’s simply hateful discrimination. It’s an offense to my deeply held religious beliefs.

So the liberal “RINO” Susan Wagle is blocking HB 2453 in the Senate? Get a tea party candidate with conservative credentials to “primary” her before she can stymie any more badly needed legislation.

I want to be a fly on the wall when an ultraconservative business mistakenly refuses service to a pair of straight football-player-sized concealed-carry fans on the business’ belief that its “religious beliefs” are in danger.

Those who commit terrorist attacks in the name of religion are still terrorists, and those who discriminate in the name of religion are still bigots.

Why is it that those who call themselves liberals and progressives ultimately show their desire to control everything and everyone and cause regression in everything they are involved in?

If our elected federal representatives no longer represent us and attempt to enact illegal laws, the only choice is to do what Arizona, Missouri are doing and other states are contemplating: nullification. The states and the people must refuse to comply.

“Obesity rate for young children plummets” (Feb. 26 Eagle) overlooked the obvious other reason: For millions of families, three low-paying jobs still don’t feed them well enough.

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