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02/27/2014 12:00 AM

02/26/2014 5:45 PM

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Milton Wolf, tea party favorite for Kansas senator, admits posting X-ray images of fatal gunshot wounds and medical injuries on his personal Facebook page several years ago. I suppose we should be thankful he’s not a gynecologist.

Please note that not one Republican voted for Obamacare and not one Republican voted to give up our Second Amendment rights to the United Nations. Enough said.

The express purpose of the First Amendment’s freedom of speech clause is to protect political speech, and the purpose of the Second Amendment is to maintain an armed populace against government tyranny. And both of these fundamental freedoms are being abused by our government.

If the intelligence of those funding Americans for Prosperity is commensurate with their wealth, how can they believe the recent TV ads are convincing to anyone who thinks? Or are they just that out of touch?

Why is it OK for Democrats and other assorted left-wingers to spend huge sums of money to influence election campaigns, but it is not OK for the rest of us, along with the Koch brothers, to have our say?

Considering the millions of dollars that could be spent for new water resources, why is one option not digging a new lake for Sedgwick County? If Wichita is low on water, does it not stand to reason that nearby El Dorado Reservoir will be low, too? Piping in water from there makes little sense.

Who funds a survey and then disputes the results because the questions were not biased enough to elicit the response they expected? A Wichita City Council member with an enormous ego.

Dateline: Feb. 28, 2024. The Shockers at the new 40,000-seat Koch Arena go for their 342nd straight win, while hoping to improve their national ranking from sixth to….

If KU played them, would the Shockers have anything to be angry about?

It’s sad that the KU fans can’t be happy for WSU having what is probably the best season in their history. KU, K-State and WSU all represent Kansas. The narrow-minded attitude of some fans is disappointing.

Get a contest going as to what The Eagle’s headline should read if the Shockers go undefeated. That would really be fun and generate a lot of interest.

KAKE says it is on my side. KSN says it has my back. If KWCH would take care of my front, I think they would have me surrounded.

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