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February 26, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 26)

With all the countries erupting in violence, one has to wonder if Hillary Clinton or John Kerry has done anything good as secretary of state.

With all the countries erupting in violence, one has to wonder if Hillary Clinton or John Kerry has done anything good as secretary of state.

She was a proponent of cozying up to President Assad of Syria, and as secretary of state under Barack Obama she was a proponent of currying warmer relations with Iran to the detriment of our most important ally in the Middle East, Israel. She should be our next president?

Welcome to America, the most diversified country on Earth. No wonder we are still fighting over every big issue the rest of the world settled 40 years ago, like abortion, guns and medical care. Where are we?

The real difference between Russia and the United States today is that they have a world leader and we have a community organizer.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder are the reasons that the Constitution was written to try to limit government power. Where are the patriots who are going to stop them from ruining this constitutional republic?

The opposition to the Affordable Care Act is totally about prejudice. Nothing else. Such a disgrace.

The Obama administration has gotten exactly what it wanted – a divided nation. It is well on its way to dividing and conquering and spreading hate. America should be about uniting the people and winning back our great nation. It is up to us and our “phone and pen.”

Corporal punishment is sometimes needed, and it is highly effective. Corporal punishment administered publicly for lesser crimes would also be highly effective.

At first I was somewhat bemused by the bills in the Kansas House, then dismayed. Now I just sort of cringe when I see news of another bill.

House Bill 2453 pretty well cinches it: The Kansas House majority is incapable of rational thought. Grab anything at random off of a radical conservative website and take a vote on it. It’ll surely pass.

I think Reps. Lance Kinzer and Charles Macheers and others in Topeka are out of touch with their constituents and need to be shown the road out of Topeka.

Kansas needs leaders who actually care about our people rather than who is making contributions to their campaigns. Close your eyes and ears to big political advertisers. They are not concerned with your best interest, only in lining their own pockets by misdirecting the vote.

I understand the need of freedom of the press, but why do the majority of reporters at a news conference ask ridiculously stupid questions?

Some of the commercials shown during the Olympics were better than any of the ones shown during the Super Bowl, especially the one that shows the athlete going backward in time to when they were a child.

Curling is as every bit as boring to watch as golf or tennis.

If you want flowers that last more than three days, forget about roses. Buy your sweetie some beautiful red carnations instead.

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