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02/26/2014 12:00 AM

02/25/2014 6:00 PM

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After the last snowstorm disaster, the city said workers were picking up sand with street cleaners at night. I have yet to see a street that has been cleaned of sand. What streets are they working on?

Wouldn’t it be breathtaking if Colorado would annex Kansas?

The commentary by Burdett Loomis (Feb. 23 Opinion) called out several Kansas legislators for their loony and clownlike actions during this session. Three reside in Shawnee. We should wonder what is in the water in that city.

Prior to the teenage years, children probably don’t deserve to be spanked until there is redness. But a lot of teenagers need a good butt whupping until there is not only redness but welts.

When a politician says something is his honest answer, expect a whopper of a lie.

Will Milton Wolf be backed by Fox News, or am I just howling at the moon?

May you never have to walk in the shoes of the unemployed or the disabled.

The Obama administration will be cutting the armed forces – typical liberal government. How many troops put out of the service will come home to unemployment and food stamps? How many civilian employees within the Pentagon will lose their jobs?

Is the situation in the Ukraine a picture of what may happen in America soon? With all the Obama-influenced division we have, I was just wondering.

The jokes about government black helicopters are beginning to come true, and this metaphor with accompanying sarcasm is no longer funny.

If ice dancing can be a Winter Olympics event then tap dancing should be a Summer Olympics event. Better yet, just leave ice dancing for the Ice Capades.

Fox Sports 1’s coverage of the Daytona 300 was pitiful – no pit-stop timer, almost no onboard cameras, commercials in place of the Victory Lane celebration. Like most broadcasts that begin with the word “Fox,” it was a miserable mishmash, with the important content deleted.

For Dale Earnhardt Jr. to win the Daytona 500 after waiting six hours to race on the track where his dad died, and where the No. 3 car was running for the first time since that tragic day, was arguably the most significant race of his career.

All pets and kids should be housebroken.

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