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February 25, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 25)

I sure miss Jay Leno. I hope he returns soon to save “The Tonight Show.”

I sure miss Jay Leno. I hope he returns soon to save “The Tonight Show.”

The “comedy skit” with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama, besides being completely disrespectful and beneath a first lady, was so bad it wouldn’t have even been done on “Saturday Night Live.”

There’s no crying in baseball, and there should not be whining in the Olympics. I’m afraid that now the United States’ reputation will be tainted by bad sportsmanship.This is not the first time that the host country has shown favoritism. The athletes should never be the ones to accuse the judges of misconduct.

I was shocked to read that Kansas’ own Russell Stover is going to work with Goldman Sachs, the same company that took Greece down the tubes. Russell Stover needs to have a quick study of that company.

Whenever I am completing a form that asks me what my race is, I always write “human.”

The Kansas legislators are selecting a state fossil? I’m so glad we’re paying them a salary to vote on such weighty issues. How about serious issues, folks?

So you want the state’s permission to refuse service to gays to protect your religious freedom? The religion with which I am most familiar also says God does not like liars, cheats, gossips, adulterers, etc. How about atheists? We all fall in there somewhere. Looks like you just put yourself out of business.

Our nation is the most religiously diverse in the world. There is no war on religion here. There is, however, a destructive effort to misuse religion for political gain and to prioritize one religious perspective above all others.

Arizona’s Legislature has passed a bill that would allow business owners, as long as they assert their religious beliefs, to deny service to gay and lesbian customers. Sounds familiar. I’m tired of Republican cookie-cutter, ALEC (Koch) bills.

The Kansas Legislature isn’t so bizarre after all. The Arizona Legislature just passed a gay service-refusal bill, and several other states are considering similar measures.

If you could have imagined that someone is happy that Obama is president, it has to be Jimmy Carter, because he’s no longer the worst president in our history.

According to Obama followers, if you are against his policies you are racist. If you are against Hillary Clinton, you are a sexist. If you are against terrorists, you need diversity training.

The old adage “It takes one to know one” does not apply to fools. When a fool tells a complete stranger that “this recent cold snap proves there’s no global warming,” other fools will agree. Everyone else will realize for the next few minutes they must politely suffer a fool.

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