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02/25/2014 12:00 AM

02/24/2014 5:17 PM

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It will be a great pleasure to see a Wildcat or a Jayhawk get Shocked in the NCAA Tournament if they make it far enough to face Wichita State.

Yellow fever is spreading.

Wichita State basketball – a tradition since last March.

Now that Friends University is king of the KCAC, it is WSU’s responsibility to agree to home-and-home games each year. Friends can use WSU’s recent success as a springboard to gain some national exposure and credibility for its program. If WSU refuses, it is just afraid to play Friends.

I wanted to send a big “thank you” to all the speeders out there who got tickets last year. You saved the city from having to take an extra $1.2 million from law-abiding citizens’ pockets.

There were 35 citations issued for texting while driving last year. Let’s hope for 3,500 this year. Texting while driving scares me to death.

For those who say Obamacare is the law of the land: So was Prohibition, but it was repealed because it was unpopular and unenforceable. Sound familiar?

If you think you will have a “right” to health care, you will love it when you are directed by some detached bureaucrat what you will get for this “right." Hardworking, taxpaying people will get the same shabby “care” that the druggies and bums get.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s political handlers know an anti-gay, pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro-Christian agenda with more tax-cutting (even if it bankrupts state and local governments) will secure enough single-issue votes by hardheaded, hard-hearted citizens to guarantee the governor’s re-election.

I have asked Republican friends about some of the bills being passed in the Kansas House and have been met with mostly blank stares. Yet their vote counts as much as the votes of those actually reading a newspaper. If it isn’t on Fox News, it doesn’t exist for these folks.

I find it interesting that there are those so well-off in Sedgwick County that they cannot wait to jam their money into a slot machine. Fools and their money.

If the U.S. House was allowed to vote 48 times on an issue, surely the citizens of Sedgwick County should be allowed to vote at least twice on slots at the greyhound track.

Dear Cox Cable: Your apology for loss of service during “Downton Abbey” would be best addressed by a reduction of my bill. Anybody with me on this?

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