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02/23/2014 12:00 AM

02/21/2014 7:00 PM

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The brainwashing and propagandizing in public schools are not an unfortunate by-product of government education: They are its purpose. What did you think it was for? And why do you think the government is so hostile to homeschoolers?

The State Board of Education is having to defend the Common Core standards from ragtag protesters who have never read them, have no background in teaching and are constantly on the lookout for black helicopters the government has sent to inflict us with the horrible Vulcan mind meld.

It’s bad enough that President Obama has three more years. It’s worse that those who voted for him, support him, enable him, carry out his agenda and in general believe in the idea of “fundamentally transforming the country” will still be around.

Picture the breadlines of the 1930s; they extended down the block. Now picture the 47 million using food stamp cards; they extend to the next continent. Any doubt whom they will vote for in the next election?

Everything you get from the government has been, is being or will be taken forcibly from someone else by the government except the regular, age-qualified retirement benefits of Social Security that originate from your own money.

The Republicans complain that there are too many laws, but then proceed to pass many more of them. Most are solutions to problems that don’t exist.

Our Constitution is becoming irrelevant, just like at the beginning of the Third Reich.

I saw that there was a clown shortage. What? Obama, Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Holder, Pelosi, Reid – what shortage were they talking about?

So if I am born wealthy and start a business, I have the right to underpay workers and, in Kansas, not pay income taxes to cover the cost of government services. But if I am one of those underpaid workers and I need government assistance to get by, I am a moocher?

The Arizona Legislature passed a bill similar to Kansas HB 2453. It’s a small consolation to know that there is a legislature more incompetent than our own.

Hybridize the failed “religious freedom” and spanking bills and you’ll arrive at the Legislature’s next likely initiative: a bill prescribing parameters for wife beating that specifically excludes same-sex couples from its “protections.”

A business that doesn’t want to provide service to a short, fat, ugly white guy like me shouldn’t have to. I’ll just take my money somewhere else.

How can a true creationist vote to have a state fossil?

To whoever stole my son’s backpack from our car: That isn’t an ordinary white robe and rope. It is the alb and cincture he wore when he was ordained as a priest in Rome in December. Please return it to us somehow. It means a lot to him and us.

What is it about having on a brand-new pair of shoes that makes a person feel rich?

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