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02/24/2014 12:00 AM

02/21/2014 6:41 PM

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There’s a new monster to worry about. It’s called “Fracking-stein”: an oil-guzzling monster that threatens to cause earthquakes and poison aquifers. Beware.

If John Kerry thinks global warming is more threatening than terrorism, he had better slap himself until he wakes up.

Extending unemployment compensation benefits does more harm than good. Paying people not to work incentivizes them not to seek work. Extending payments, as recommended by President Obama, increases the likelihood that they will have a much harder time re-entering the workforce.

The spending on World War II is what got the USA out of the Great Depression. Because our far-right politicians are so locked into their ideology, I’m afraid they would have blocked that spending and we would have lost the war.

The United Auto Workers union drove General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy. The VW plant workers in Tennessee were smart to reject the UAW.

The youths of Denver are going to be ruined. Uh. Duh. Giggle, giggle.

Why is a private group involved in funding and fixing the problems with the Douglas underpass? That is what tax money is for and the responsibility of the Wichita City Council, especially since it has such a singular focus on downtown.

The Kansas Republicans need to concentrate on the economy and jobs, and stop worrying about social issues.

Just because you own a company doesn’t mean you have the right to force your religion and views on your employees.

As a gay nurse of 20 years, I never considered not taking the best care of my patients that I am capable of, regardless if they were straight. It’s my job. It’s what I do without discrimination.

With House Bill 2453, I guess we have finally found the threshold the average conservative Kansan will not cross. Glad to know that at least they have a limit.

Kansas is in the news for debates on corporal punishment, the so-called religious freedom act, evolution, and pseudoscience hearings on climate change. State income taxes may not be the thing keeping people from moving here.

What rational adult needs to hit a child 10 times? Oh, right.

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