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02/22/2014 12:00 AM

02/21/2014 5:42 PM

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I think the Democrat members of Congress and the White House occupant are all suffering from “job lock.” We should liberate them from drudgery with Obamacare, so they can enjoy lives of artistic leisure.

Recent headlines prove exactly why Kris Kobach is correct in wanting voter-ID and proof-of-citizenship laws enacted in Kansas: Five were just arrested for alleged identity fraud.

The Kansas Legislature should be given two weeks to fix the budget, complete its business and go home. For every day past that, legislators should not be paid. Maybe then we wouldn’t have them engaging in this ridiculous nonsense that embarrasses the rest of us.

Did anyone else notice how HB 2453 was sailing along toward passage until the business community, Kansas Chamber of Commerce and others got involved? If you want to know how laws get passed in Topeka, follow the money.

It’s tiresome hearing how Christians are “shoving their religion” down your throat when the opposite is true. No Christian group advocates persecuting gays. But leftists will use any means to force everyone else to comply with their ideology – and, yes, their ideology is a religion.

If Pat Roberts doesn’t live in Kansas, and he doesn’t, he shouldn’t be able to run for the Senate office. That goes for any other politician as well. They should live in the state to be able to run.

The ability to compromise is not a weakness. It is a strength. It should be a primary principle for leaders of a free people.

Olympic ice skating’s attempt to combine athleticism with artistry results in mediocrity on both counts. Why not hold a competition for jumping at the Olympics and a separate one for looking elegant someplace else at some other time?

We pay for a parking pass for WSU games, but there are no places to park. WSU needs to do something about the parking before many of the old and young fans choose to watch the games on TV rather than park so far away. Please build a parking garage.

Here we go again about WSU’s soft schedule. Until Bill Self mans up and schedules the Shockers, we will never know what KU would do to WSU. Saying KU would blow WSU out is nothing more than speculation.

We have the wind chill factor. We need a “wind wind” factor. That is like when it’s blowing 30 mph but it feels like 60 mph.

I hate to see “The Tonight Show” end, but after seeing it this week I’m afraid that is where it is headed, and in a hurry.

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