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02/21/2014 12:00 AM

02/20/2014 6:11 PM

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Why should state retired workers get a cost-of-living raise from taxpayers? The retired aircraft workers in Kansas don’t get one. I suggest they take part-time jobs, as a lot of aircraft workers did.

A commercial enterprise with a reimbursement record similar to KanCare would certainly not last long, as its wholesalers would bail out.

Our Legislature is all for self-rule and freedom from big-government regulation – until smaller communities seek to impose their own restrictions as the local constituents see fit. Isn’t that rather “federal” of legislators? Hypocrites.

I don’t need a Kansas bill to tell me how to discipline my child. My child will be disciplined and will not be a problem later in life.

Sen. Pat Roberts’ retirement is way overdue, but I would ask that he please not come back to Kansas.

Republicans are proclaiming that Obamacare will cost jobs. A recent Sunday Eagle carried an unbelievable number of “help-wanted” ads. Is it possible that Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is wrong again?

When was our Constitution amended allowing a dictator instead of a president? He’s changed Obamacare, a law he forced on us, many times without going through Congress. That is unconstitutional. He told the French president, “I can do whatever I want.” So he is.

The huge sums of money the Koch brothers are spending to influence U.S. Senate races are very alarming. It appears that wealthy capitalists can do more to undermine democracy than the communists ever dreamed of.

With the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, gay men might be well-served to live there and simultaneously live in harmony with biblical ideals, for God said in Leviticus 20:13: “If two men lie together, they should be stoned.”

Crime Stoppers needs to play fair with Dwight Bradford. Give him the $1,000 for his crime tip.

Give credit to Wichita State for being undefeated and ranked third in the nation, but that popcorn schedule actually makes it the third best team in Kansas this year. KU would blow WSU out and KSU would be a good game.

How about those undefeated Shockers? Great job, coach Todd Butler and the rest of the WSU baseball team.

Many thanks to whoever has three times anonymously shoveled the parking lot of the West Douglas Church of Christ this winter. May God bless you.

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