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02/20/2014 12:00 AM

02/19/2014 6:07 PM

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It’s too bad I can’t fine the city of Wichita for not clearing the sand on the roads in a timely manner. It can fine me for not shoveling the snow from the sidewalk in front of my house. Both are safety hazards. Double standards.

With all the stupid things that the executive and legislative branches of Kansas are doing, we had better put up a fence around the state to keep everyone from leaving. They are making us the laughingstock of the country. I hope all are voted out of office.

With the Kansas House’s approval of HB 2453, the party of “no” has been exposed as a group of big business busybodies guided by a self-centered, discriminating minority. They want this issue to go away, but it’s only the tip of their iceberg.

Those who voted in favor of protecting religious freedom need not apologize to me. I will remember the courage of my representative for his “yes” vote when I vote in the next election. Yes, it takes bravery to fight the homosexual lobby and the press (which often overlap).

Obama is issuing an order mandating fuel standards for large trucks. What next? An order repealing the laws of thermodynamics? Meanwhile, everything we buy that is transported on trucks goes up in price.

When I was young, if you received government assistance you tried to make sure no one found out. Now people receiving such help are proud of it and trying to get more. What a change in American values, and not for the better.

Are there any florists in town selling roses that last more than three days? Again I’ve spent a pile of money on Valentine’s Day roses only to be disappointed. The roses were as fresh as grocery store fish.

I’m all for America, but Russia should have taken home the gold for ice dancing.

There is so much praise for the mothers of the athletes for all the sacrifices they made to get their kids to the world stage. While that’s a nice gesture, one has to wonder if any of the athletes actually had fathers. Only the sound of crickets.

KU will have a higher seed than WSU because KU has a bigger fan base. It is all about who can fill the stands (money).

Many recent movies show how many ways a person can be decapitated, dismembered, exploded, etc. Who likes this?

Maybe the Beatles had it right all along by singing “Come Together,” “Let It Be” and “Yesterday.”

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