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02/18/2014 5:23 PM

02/18/2014 5:23 PM

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Sometimes it seems Kansans do not appreciate Gov. Sam Brownback’s leadership, what he calls “a strategy that builds a strong state in the future.” We’re enjoying the largest income-tax cuts in state history. Less taxes and more jobs. Enjoy.

Every police officer, every time on every stop, will have reason to treat all occupants as armed and dangerous if the Legislature makes it legal for even outlaws to pack in their cars and trucks. Way to go, GOP.

We voted these crackpots into the Legislature, and we must act to get them out. What has been their agenda? A two-tier voting system, legalized discrimination, and a job growth less than in surrounding states. We are backwater USA.

I learned in ninth-grade civics class that one person’s rights cease when they infringe on the rights of another.

I’m not sure about the voter-registration fuss. We moved here from another state last year, brought our documents to the DMV and had our licenses in 30 minutes. Our voter-registration cards arrived in the mail a week later. It seems to work to me.

The 20,000 would-be voters in Kansas can prove eligibility if it’s important enough to vote. I don’t want those who are not qualified to vote to be voting. That’s how we got into such a mess in the past two presidential elections.

Obama’s shovel-ready stimulus bill did what it was destined to do: dig an economic hole for our country.

Milton Wolf is Obama’s distant cousin. That is enough information for me. I will vote for Sen. Pat Roberts.

I don’t think that it is unusual for a young guy to declare himself gay just before the draft. Back during Vietnam it happened all the time.

Why isn’t Kansas on the front of magazines as one of the great places to retire? It has low everything and high winds, and what’s wrong with that? The prairie is a cool place to be, with many wonders.

I would like to put whoever put the puppies in the dumpster in a dumpster and watch them wait to be crushed. Thanks to the ladies for rescuing them.

If you are wearing sweatpants over shorts to work out, make sure when you pull off your sweatpants you only pull down the sweatpants. Otherwise, believe me – it is embarrassing.

The potholes on South Woodlawn are awful. I lost my hubcap to one. What is this? Sochi?

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