Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 18)

02/18/2014 12:00 AM

02/17/2014 5:39 PM

The trash companies need to redesign containers to prevent wind from flipping the container lids. You see trash all along the streets because there are no tie-down straps anymore.

Which is it here – students who can’t learn English or teachers who don’t know English? “Where you at?” “Me and them on our way over.”

Any life is precious and death is sad, but I have great difficulty feeling sorry for celebrities who have looks, money, health and talent and yet can’t find anything good to do with their lives.

Why would anyone go into business if their personal belief is so prejudicial they cannot accept those who hold other beliefs?

I thought it quite interesting that candidates were told at the state Republican convention not to talk about conspiracy theories because people would think they were nuts. Guess what? They are. And the cat is out of the bag. Everybody already knows it.

My life could just as easily be taken, rather than saved, by a fellow citizen’s concealed gun when an Old West-style public gun battle breaks out – over a robbery, for instance. Joe Superhero wouldn’t have enough sense to just let the thief take off with the money.

A nonpartisan study has determined what the smart half of U.S. citizens already knew, that Obamacare is harming and will harm employment. When are the Democrats going to become reasoning, logical adults and get rid of that societal cancer?

If Obamacare is so great, why is it the government needs to spend $200 million of our tax dollars to promote it in silly ads?

I see our peerless secretary of state, John Kerry, is running around leaving a very large carbon footprint fighting global warming. Looking for a Nobel Prize, maybe? If not for the damage it is doing, our government would be actually funny.

If the Keystone XL pipeline will truly benefit Americans, then why is it going to Houston on the Gulf of Mexico so the oil can be conveniently loaded onto tankers to travel out of the U.S.?

Wouldn’t it be humorous if all of our Republican administrators and legislators who constantly invoke the name of God get to heaven to find that Saint Peter is a Democrat?

When I was driving north on I-235 recently, a guy in a red pickup flipped me off for going 53 mph in the left lane of a 50 mph work zone. I know some of you with limited brain capacity often do this, but God loves you anyway.

Give the new comics a chance. But how about giving the boot to some that should have gone away a long time ago? Eliminate “Family Circus,” “Dennis the Menace,” “Baby Blues,” “For Better or Worse,” “Blondie” and “Beetle Bailey.” Bring back the old ones, plus “Curtis.”

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