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February 18, 2014

Opinion Line (Feb. 18)

I have a sincerely held religious belief that the Kansas Legislature is nuts.

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I have a sincerely held religious belief that the Kansas Legislature is nuts.

I want the right to refuse service to anyone, gay or straight, in my place of business.

Love is love. Discrimination is discrimination. And justice for all.

Traditional marriage used to be only between members of the same race. Traditional marriage used to grant a man ownership of his wife’s property. Should we bring back those laws, too, to make marriage traditional again?

Conservatives say they want to take the government or the country back. Back to what is poorly explained, but seems to be based on the impingement on basic rights.

The lunatics are running the asylum. To publicly denounce homosexual behavior as sexual deviancy and perversion is to be set upon by media and leftist wolves as if you were a fat, juicy lamb. Homosexuality is wrong, and that’s my opinion.

I’m considering coming out of the closet this spring as a heterosexual. You say you don’t care? Why then do celebrities and athletes think we care whether they’re gay or not?

To insure the uninsured, first we make the insured uninsured. Then we make the formerly insured pay more to become reinsured to insure the uninsured for free.

Instead of griping about Obamacare, maybe you should buy an ACA policy and quit that job you hate or shut down the business you dislike, and then get a job you actually like or open up that business you’ve always dreamed of. You can get health care now.

Let us come together and replace every incumbent in office starting with the next election. Are you with me?

To all of the businesses that want to be called 24 hours before an appointment is to be canceled: How about you return phone calls within 24 hours after a voice mail is left regarding a concern or question I have?

I take a class at WSU and spent the usual $250 on a textbook. I arrived in class to find my professor is selling her class workbook and she tests only on that. I will fail if I don’t purchase this. Should teachers make money off their students?

Am I the only one who detests the enormous, horrendous bows put around the heads of babies and young children? They do not need any adornment around their cute faces, especially when the bows are larger than their heads.

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