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02/16/2014 12:00 AM

02/14/2014 5:50 PM

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The City Council, Go Wichita and local chamber of commerce spend a small fortune trying to promote Wichita, and Wichita Festivals negates all of that money and effort by calling Wichita “Doo-Dah” (Feb. 13 Local & State).

Why would the River Festival officially recognize the name “Doo-Dah” in its slogan? I am proud of Wichita and feel this is a negative term. Why not just call us “Hicksville”?

I always look forward to the release of the exciting and colorful new River Festival button and the torrent of complaints about it that soon follow in the Opinion Line.

Love, love, love the 2014 River Festival artwork with Harley and Skip. Kudos to Wichita illustrator Scott Dawson.

Many of our Kansas legislators feel that private health clubs should get the same tax breaks that the YMCA does. If this is the case, then it would only be fair to apply this method to not-for-profit hospitals.

Be proud of the Kansas Legislature, my fellow citizens, for it has achieved what no other deliberative body in the world could have done: It has made the U.S. Congress look like a collection of accomplished statesmen by comparison.

America was founded on Christian principles and freedom. I figure that means that you are free to worship or not. I also guess that we are free to believe the principles of our chosen faith. However, your religious principles should not interfere with the rights and beliefs of others.

It’s a sad, sad day when the Kansas Legislature considers a discrimination bill that sounds as if it were written by Fred Phelps. God help us.

If gay people cannot receive services, they should not have to pay taxes. Don’t legislate bigotry and then lay the blame on God. He told us to love our neighbors.

Why are we so obsessed with homosexuality? Studies show it’s less than 4 percent of the population, but you’d think it’s 50 percent from the media coverage, legislative attention, television and movies. I say put it in perspective, and live and let live.

We can sure tell how much President Obama supports the middle class. He invites movie stars to state dinners and expects the middle class to pay for it, as well as to support those who want to keep work to a minimum to get their subsidized Obamacare.

About Michelle Obama’s $12,000 gown for the dinner honoring the French president: Who paid the bill? Was it made by union or minimum-wage workers? Can it be recycled?

Because of an increase in deaths last year, Wichita police are going to increase their attention to speeding. If they had been ticketing those who speed, run red lights and stop signs, make illegal turns, and fail to use turn signals, the deaths might not have occurred.

Richard Petty’s comments about Danica Patrick were, well, petty.

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