Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 17)

02/17/2014 12:00 AM

02/14/2014 5:43 PM

Do not blame the postal unions for what the government imposed on them – paying for retirements 75 years in advance. Their money is going to the government for this. If this were stopped, the Postal Service would be making money and the retirees would be fine.

In light of Spirit AeroSystems’ continued charges to earnings, now more than a billion dollars, you really have to wonder about the business case to divest from Boeing.

Can you believe it? There are really people who think that there is a God-given right to guns but no God-given right to health care.

We wish the federal government stayed within its constitutional limits for refereeing our society. Instead these referees make the rules, then change the rules during the game and institute rules to benefit favored teams.

It is amazing how much Vladimir Putin is like Barack Obama. Both are raving egomaniacs.

Dislike for the Obamas has nothing to do with the color of their skin. It has everything to do with their behavior, attitudes and policies. I have open scorn for how they constantly play the race card.

Instead of extending unemployment benefits, how about passing a job-creation bill? Since lowering taxes is the best way to create jobs, it will never happen with Obama.

Has the term “religious freedom” become a convenient cover for those who want to protect their bigotry?

Come on, Rep. Steve Brunk. You can’t fool all of Kansas at the same time. When you discriminate against one person, you do it to all.

What is the litmus test for “deeply held religious convictions”? Who is to decide? If just saying you have them is enough to discriminate, then why is it not enough just to say you are a citizen to be allowed to vote?

When you spend a decade electing people who believe government should not exist, don’t get upset when government can’t clean the snow to your satisfaction.

The Kansas Highway Patrol needs to add a few unmarked nonstandard police vehicles to patrol highways. If they blended in to the traffic, it would make drivers think twice.

If a television station, newspaper or magazine runs a story or editorial that supports liberal or conservative candidates or opinions, it should be a requirement that someone with an opposing view have equal time or column space to respond.

I recently went to the Kansas Star Casino. The place reeked. I won’t go back until smoking is banned. Do smokers know how badly they stink?

It is sad whenever someone dies at an early age. However, I have had trouble understanding the extensive coverage of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The media appear to be making a push for sainthood for Hoffman.

Late-night TV died when Johnny Carson retired.

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