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02/17/2014 12:00 AM

02/14/2014 5:43 PM

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I would like someone to explain to me how Spirit AeroSystems can record a net loss of $587 million in one quarter yet give its president and CEO an increase in salary. If I were responsible for such a loss, I’d be looking for employment.

Let CEO Larry Lawson stay home for a week. Then let the Spirit blue-collar workers stay home for a week. Who would get the most airplanes out the door? Who would be more deserving of a pay increase?

There was a higher-than-normal national demand for salt; the city tried to get more but couldn’t right away. And 100 workers were driving 50 trucks in 12-hour shifts to clear the streets. So let’s give them a break, eh?

Why should the city add trucks and drivers to sit idle probably 350 days a year and possibly only be needed every two years for any extended period?

I’m still waiting on someone to blame the snow-covered streets on Obama. Everything else seems to be his fault.

Democrats are now in the open about wanting you not to work but to sit back and be lazy. That’s the new American dream: Sit and eat bonbons and smoke weed. And be sure to vote for Democrats, because they’re your keepers.

If you constantly lean to one side or the other, you will walk in a circle and end up back where you started.

Any time Kansas makes the national news, as represented by Rep. Tim Huelskamp and HB 2453, it shines a very disturbing and unfavorable light on us. Do we allow the extremists and their extremist government ideology and Legislature to define Kansas for the rest of the country?

Where is the outrage from Wichita’s religious leaders over the Kansas House decision that religion is all about selective discrimination? Their silence is passive agreement, and to remain silent is an affront to Jesus in all He stood for in His life and in His death.

When you are sick with a cold or anything else, please do not come sit by me at Mass. God will give you the night off. How can you do this to your peers at church?

Back in my day, we didn’t have to crush candy to sniff something we weren’t supposed to. We just waited for the teacher to hand out mimeographed paper.

I would like to thank the person at work who ripped off my lunch. You did me a favor. I did not realize the ham I put in it was outdated by two weeks.

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