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02/15/2014 12:00 AM

02/14/2014 5:40 PM

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Is there the slightest chance the Intrust Bank Arena will be considered as a site for the NCAA men’s basketball regionals? Isn’t that the reason we built it, with the lousy nosebleed seats achieving the more-than-15,000 capacity?

A Danish zoo killed an 18-month-old giraffe to prevent inbreeding. They couldn’t send him to another zoo? They streamed the killing live on the Internet. Some people are too stupid to waste our air.

If a giraffe is just a tall cow (Feb. 12 Local & State), why can’t they just band him like a cow? Of course, you might need a stepladder.

The Canadians do not want to pipe the dirty tar sands crude west through their country to ship it by ocean to the refineries, but the U.S. will pipe it across ours?

Conservative Republicans in Kansas may give lip service to free-market competition, but when it comes to politics their goal is a corrupt monopoly where every office has a preselected occupant and the opposing candidate is a token to give the illusion that an election took place.

I’m glad to see the state opening it up for citizens to carry a gun in their vehicle. I don’t wish to carry a concealed weapon, but it would be nice to have one in my vehicle for personal protection.

If the legislators move any further to the right on gay-rights issues, I would expect to see a few of them checking out the Fred Phelps “church” in Topeka.

Since when did Congress decide it is its role to take over care of the poor and elderly? No wonder no one needs church anymore. Churches’ role has become the government’s role. Families don’t have to stay together to survive, because the government functions as the provider.

I am wondering how the GOP can talk of impeaching the president when most Republicans don’t believe he is our president.

Days of uncleared, snowpacked, icy roads. Canceled, delayed or significantly affected businesses and services. Welcome to the Republican world of smaller government, where struggle and strife for the majority are a required part of everyday life. A lot of fun, wasn’t it?

It was extremely cold for Kansas, it snowed, the streets were snowpacked, and motorists complained. Get a straw, suck it up, build a bridge, and get over it.

Only an idiot would scream about the city’s response to clearing the streets of snow while their driveway and sidewalk go unshoveled.

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