Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 14)

02/14/2014 12:00 AM

02/13/2014 5:22 PM

Robotic technology has improved to the point that many industries have multistation lines making complex products. Burgers and fries would be easy. Employees can easily be replaced by robotics. Advocates for increasing minimum wages should tread very lightly.

The greatest threat to our recovering economy is not the Obama administration. It is the shortsighted tea party extremists.

I wish the Supreme Court would impose a gag order on President Obama.

Our Constitution was written for a moral and spiritual people. Obama shows us the Constitution is destroyed when we don’t have morality and spirituality in the top governing position.

I just saw a picture of the dress that Michelle Obama wore to the state dinner, which reportedly cost $12,000. If so, she forgot to get her change. Even Marie Antoinette wouldn’t wear that rag.

Some of the things I like about Kansas: The Flint Hills, Gyp Hills, wheat fields, four seasons, Shockers. Some of the things I don’t like about Kansas: Brownback, Pompeo, Huelskamp, Kobach, Roberts.

I can’t believe what the Kansas state government thinks is important enough to take up its time. It’s ridiculous.

The only religious beliefs that the state of Kansas protects are those that go along with Gov. Sam Brownback’s religious beliefs. I am not Catholic so he does not represent me. House Bill 2453 is discrimination.

If you’re of the opinion that HB 2453 is fair since a homosexual lifestyle is a choice, unlike race or sex, then couldn’t I refuse service to anyone in K-State attire? It’s just as arbitrary.

I was listening to a podcast about Rosa Parks, discrimination and voter suppression. Sounds like Kansas in 2014.

In Wichita there are hundreds of Christian churches, each of which worships in accordance with its own particular beliefs. Some don’t even use the same Bible as others do. In Topeka, however, they only have the Republican church, based on the biased opinions of the Brownback Bible.

I have many friends, generally thoughtful and bright, who reserve the expression of their irrational other self to politics and economics. They call themselves Democrats.

Progressives falsely equate female birth control and male impotence drugs. Both involve sex, but the drugs for men treat a medical condition while the drugs for women prevent a medical condition.

The city is responsible for sidewalk maintenance. Sidewalks are repaired by the city. When you want sidewalks put in your neighborhood, your taxes are increased to pay for them. The city has the right to widen city streets when it wants.

To the chemistry genius who apparently skipped physics: Vehicles traveling on snowpacked roads generate heat, which will allow the salt to melt the snow.

Don’t you think it’s nice to see how much respect the KSU fans give KU? First storming the court when they won, then having T-shirts made up to commemorate the win. Isn’t that just the cutest thing?

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