Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 13)

02/13/2014 12:00 AM

02/12/2014 5:34 PM

People in North Carolina are blaming local government for not doing enough to keep them from being stranded on the roads. They were warned of the incoming ice and snow. Stop blaming government and take personal responsibility for your safety.

It would seem the city of Wichita street maintenance department has taken a strong religious position on snow and city streets: “God put it there, and God will decide when to remove it.”

Some say the Wichita crews did a great job clearing the streets. I sure cannot say that about the inept Newton street department. Four days after the snow, the streets people could hardly go through without getting hung up. Our tax dollars are really working. Not.

If clearing the snow was impossible, how did Andover manage to do it?

This old man can clear the sidewalk in front of my house. But the city can’t clear the street? Let’s be fair.

Why does “religious liberty” have to hurt so many people? Have you purported Christians never heard the phrase “live and let live”?

First whites and blacks couldn’t marry because it went against some people’s religious beliefs. Now gay people can’t have the same rights as everyone else. The right wing or old Dixiecrats aren’t happy unless they have somebody to hate.

So the Republicans aren’t content with saying who can marry whom and when a woman will be forced to give birth. Now they want the state to have more control over the decision to get a divorce. And these are the same ideologues who constantly preach smaller government? Unbelievable.

Immigration reform cannot be accomplished under the Obama administration for the simple reason that President Obama changes or refuses to enforce laws he does not like. We cannot trust that any legislation that is passed would be enforced as passed.

Nearly a century since the workers took control of Soviet Russia, the best they can produce is Sochi. Cost overruns, foul water, substandard essential services – this is where the unholy alliance between labor and the government (Democrat Party) will take us.

Whenever the car next to me is playing disturbingly loud music, I turn my radio to Rush Limbaugh with the volume all the way up and the windows down. It works every time.

The KU basketball team’s new slogan should be “Rock Chalk Choke.”

I get tired of the way networks try to personalize every sporting event. It doesn’t matter what sport. They interview the athletes, his or her family, childhood coaches, neighbors, friends. Well, I don’t care. This is one reason the mute button is one of the greatest inventions.

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