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02/13/2014 12:00 AM

02/12/2014 5:09 PM

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When the new airport terminal is completed, I hope we place several jumbo jet decoys on the ramp so we can hope to attract more full-size jets into our market instead of the tiny and cramped regional commuter jets.

For those of you who either skipped chemistry or flunked it in high school: Salt added to snow when the air temperature is less than 28 degrees will result in only one thing – salty snow.

Businesses that still had not shoveled the handicap access to their properties after five days shall never see my patronage again.

Wichitans: Lanes don’t disappear because there is snow on them.

As a white Kansas native with two degrees from WSU, I was saddened and embarrassed when I read “WSU hopes to right a wrong with Gordon Parks photos” (Feb. 8 Eagle). Thank you to the Downings and others who are attempting to right a dreadful wrong.

Any president spending more than $20,000 for a state dinner for a foreign diplomat should be impeached.

The president continues to change the rules supposedly governing the ACA. Why won’t he just admit that the whole thing is a disaster and start over? This is what happens when those folks pass laws they don’t even read.

The conservative response to Hobby Lobby employees who want more health coverage is to not work there. The same should apply to government employees in regard to House Bill 2453. Find another job.

I wonder if the state could pass a law stating that I can’t be fired for refusing to serve anyone who voted for Sam Brownback.

You have to love Kansas. First it outlaws gay marriage. Now it wants to outlaw some straight divorces. What next? Legislation on which church you go to?

If gender is not a factor of marriage, then why should numbers be?

Bored? Lonely? Want to be an overnight media sensation? Become a jock, then claim you are gay. Very inspirational.

If you feel that time is speeding by and leaving you behind, start watching college basketball. The other night I vacuumed the living room, unloaded the dishwasher and folded a load of laundry, all in just 55 seconds of playing time. Now I feel pretty amazing.

“Where have all the good bananas gone?” Gone to graveyards every one.

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