Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 12)

02/12/2014 12:00 AM

02/11/2014 5:14 PM

Just when you think things can’t get any sillier in this state, the right-wing loonies in the Legislature pull another one out of the hat. Eliminate no-fault divorce? Jeez.

In regards to the oath that new citizens have to take: Wouldn’t it be nice if Obama would follow it?

I see someone thinks it’s disrespectful to tweet during the State of the Union speech. Respect is a two-way street, and I don’t see much, if any, coming from Washington to flyover country. Unlike the congressman, I’m not sentenced to watch political speeches.

Rand Paul thinking he can help himself by bringing Bill Clinton into the equation is unbelievable. Doesn’t he realize that the only one who could beat Hillary Clinton is Bill Clinton?

Why does the Opinion Line print the Benghazi stuff? Yes, mistakes were made. Tragically, people died. Much of our world is a dangerous place. Fortunately, a few brave Americans are willing to risk their lives to make it less so. Stop finger-pointing and let’s honor them by continuing their work.

Someone said the next election could be the end of the Republican Party. We can hope it will be the end of the Democratic Party, too. Neither party gives a rip about what’s best for this country. The only thing they care about is what’s best for their parties.

Republicans want to teach a man how to fish. But that man had better be able to afford his own bait, or he is out of luck on the fishing lesson.

Democrats will not only give the hungry person a fish to eat, but will then teach him how to fish. The Republicans will fence off the fishing hole and charge admission or let him starve.

Quit talking about fishing, you idiots. It’s too cold.

Can someone please explain why the state, the county and all the surrounding cities like Andover, Goddard and Derby could have their main roads cleared by Friday morning and the arterials in Wichita were still snow-packed on Sunday? I hope the cause can be identified and corrected before the next big storm.

Wichita drivers had to endure incredibly slick, icy, snow-packed roads for a week because city officials couldn’t adequately manage salt reserves. Heads should roll.

After moving here from Denver, I find it hard to believe the school closings and the condition of the streets after a snowstorm.

I live on Maize Road. The road condition was so bad I saw two trucks and a car doing 45 in a 45-mph zone.

Wow – in the Big 12 it is OK to shove a spectator and not get ejected from the game. Pure sportsmanship.

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