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02/12/2014 12:00 AM

02/11/2014 5:14 PM

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When a city is not spending money on the basic infrastructure, such as making sure roads are clean and safe to drive on, it will never attract new business and guests. It’s time to start demanding an itemized statement from the city of Wichita for the taxes we are paying.

It’s February, it snowed, and it has been cold. Yes, the roads have been snow-covered. Leave early, slow down and just get over it. It is winter.

The mismanagement of the snow removal by the city’s public works department makes you wonder how many additional projects have been mismanaged. Other places used salt effectively. There is more to this story. Someone should investigate.

The city could purchase 50 additional snowplows and hire 100 workers to operate the trucks in order to clear the streets faster. But then you would complain about higher taxes.

Why isn’t the Wichita mayor the voice when things go wrong instead of a deputy department director?

I hope whoever stole the snowblower and gas can from my truck takes time to clear the driveway and sidewalk of every widow he knows. That’s why we had the snowblower.

Old Mill Tasty Shop is a wonderful place to eat and full of kind people. A big “thank you” to the employee who helped get my car out of the snow.

The majority of Americans do not care if our next president is red, yellow, black or white. We just want a person of integrity who is a true servant leader, not just a politician. Ted Cruz for president in 2016.

Bob Dole at least kept a house in Russell when he was a senator. Sen. Pat Roberts admits all he has is access to a recliner in Dodge City.

We’ve all had people pull up beside us playing their music too loudly. But rather than confront a rude idiot, we simply roll up our windows or drive away. Reasonable people don’t shoot folks for being rude. But then guns and reason rarely go together.

I am very happy the Kansas Legislature is moving to ensure state law trumps city or county laws when it comes to open carry of firearms and knives. Lawmakers in Topeka should not let a few liberal politicians in certain urban areas take away their citizens’ right to defend themselves.

Marcus Smart should have been suspended for the rest of Oklahoma State’s basketball season.

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