Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 11)

02/11/2014 12:00 AM

02/10/2014 5:38 PM

I wonder how much of Kansas’ population will be lost to Colorado over the next few years due to its legalization of recreational marijuana.

I really can’t believe the lengths this state will go to just to perpetuate fear, discrimination and narrow-mindedness, all in the name of religion.

Democrats led by President Obama are infamous for dreaming up ways to spend our money. Before we say OK, we should ask them to explain why new government programs will not be riddled with the same waste, fraud, abuse and corruption that plague existing programs.

I don’t support “no” federal government, but I absolutely want one that’s about 25 percent smaller than the one we have.

Democrats can’t create jobs, so they’ve decided to try to convince you it’s virtuous not to work.

The headline on the front page of the Feb. 6 Eagle saying “Republicans welcome report on health care” would have read even better as “Republicans proven right by report on health care.”

Republicans may be the party that would rather “teach a man to fish,” but they’d also vote against a public program to do just that.

Corporations remove so many proverbial fish from our waters and place them in foreign waters that the old “teach a man to fish” thing no longer applies. If the American dream is to survive, the bottom line for America’s corporations must no longer be the “ultimate” bottom line.

This one should make the national news: man in shorts chipping ice pictured above a headline that reads “City: Too cold to thaw street ice” (Feb 7 Local & State). No wonder they think we are hicks.

If I went out wearing shorts, as he did, I would have to chip ice off my legs. Oh, what I would give for his metabolism.

If the city thinks it is too cold to clear the streets, then how did the state clear the major highways and the on and off ramps?

The Wichita Eagle editorial board is right (Feb. 6 Eagle Editorial). Immigration is American, but illegal immigration is not. Also, Mr. President: There are no immigrants living in the shadows, only illegal aliens.

My son started flying a jet for an airline at age 22, but he couldn’t rent a car until he was 25. Where did common sense go?

Marcus Smart, and all athletes, should stop and ask themselves, “WWJD?” The “J” that I am referring to is Jackie Robinson. The taunting that today’s athletes are subjected to is nothing compared with what Robinson had to endure.

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