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February 10, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 10)

Climate change and Obama change. One is fantasy and the other one is fantasy.

Climate change and Obama change. One is fantasy and the other one is fantasy.

If the nation’s refiners are selling record amounts of gasoline and diesel overseas, why would Kansans support a pipeline transporting Canadian oil to Texas refineries so more gas can be shipped overseas?

The reason Kansas will never relax its marijuana laws is because it’s considered the vice of liberal unity. Kansas and Texas are not about to relax any laws. That would be seen as reverse progress. Was the Affordable Care Act well-received?

Are you smarter than a communist? Apparently 51 percent of the population wasn’t.

As I listened to Haley Barbour discussing the recent weather-related travel fiasco in the Southern states, I was reminded of how wonderfully adept Southerners are at humble apologies. I was not surprised, though, because they seem to afford themselves plenty of opportunities to practice the art.

The continued outrage by the GOP and tea partiers over the tragic Benghazi incident is disingenuous and disrespectful to those who died. They use it as a political rhetoric stick to poke in Obama’s eye. I wish they would act like the spoiled children they are, and hold their breaths until they turn blue.

Is there no lie that the Democrats will not tell in order to coerce money from hardworking citizens in order to buy votes? And they have such a strong ally in the media to help them, by never questioning their motives or the dismal outcomes of their foolhardy policies.

I don’t want to keep this current president or his health care plan. Period.

Obama tells Congress to help the poor or he will? Under his regime, food-stamp recipients have tripled, there is record unemployment, median income is in free fall. I don’t think the poor can stand any more “help.”

What business does the Kansas Attorney General’s Office have filing a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court about Hobby Lobby’s company policy? The company is based in Oklahoma.

Pro-choice people always say it is about women’s health. So how’s that working out for the health of the baby girls who don’t get to be born? Medical necessity for an abortion is exceedingly rare. Most abortions happen because a pregnancy is an inconvenience to the mother.

I usually get a good laugh from reading the Opinion Line, but a comment that people like Fox News because it offers both sides of a story had me rolling on the floor. That may be the funniest comment in the history of the Opinion Line.

Perhaps if Peyton Manning had changed his audible at the line from “Omaha, Omaha” to “East Rutherford, East Rutherford,” the game may have been more interesting.

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