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02/07/2014 12:00 AM

02/06/2014 5:24 PM

Remember trying to respond to an essay question when you didn’t know the answer? You wrote many words, trying to bluff your way through. President Obama thinks his verbal glibness will suffice, so he rambles on and on. Bill O’Reilly must interrupt Obama’s nonanswers. Otherwise, there would be no interview.

I just wish the national media cared as much about the four brave Americans killed in Benghazi as they do about some little known Hollywood actor killing himself.

With the announcement that Gov. Sam Brownback would speak to a group that encourages people to be “freedom fighters” for God, I couldn’t help but think of the John Brown mural in the Capitol in Topeka, and I’m beginning to ponder the possibilities of reincarnation.

There’s no way to see how much of the extra money people and businesses got from the income-tax cuts went to create jobs or was spent in Kansas. That’s why it would have been better to cut the sales tax. That way it would have to be spent in Kansas.

Hobby Lobby founder David Green spends millions of dollars in China, where abortion and contraception are forced. He supports abortion in China but refuses to pay for contraception here.

I hate to be told how to think, and that’s exactly what the rich and some of our news outlets are doing today, with little or no concern about how this will eventually eliminate their way of life.

The newspeople in Wichita try to scare everybody because of a little snow and cold. “Artic blast,” “severe wind chill,” “bone-chilling cold” – I am sick of them. They need to grow a little backbone. They would never be able to survive on their own.

When it snows 9 inches, the local TV stations don’t need to list every school, church and club in the state of Kansas on the bottom of the screen. Just say, “It snowed 9 inches and everything is closed.”

I know the newscasters were excited about having some weather to talk about and wanted to keep people informed, but you would think we hadn’t had snow before. This isn’t Atlanta.

How many times does one need to see the streets during the snow on the news? Thirty minutes of reporters standing by roads telling us it is snowing? Really? Must be slow news day.

WSU is being snubbed by the mainstream media for being a mid-major in the college basketball ratings. Bring back Shocker football.

It’s laughable that people want Wichita State to have a football program but won’t even help out the university’s first-class orchestra.

Fast-food “restaurants” often mean slow table cleaning.

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