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February 7, 2014

Opinion Line (Feb. 7)

The next guy who pops off about global warming will get my snow shovel shoved down his throat.

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The next guy who pops off about global warming will get my snow shovel shoved down his throat.

I wish that just one time God would shower us with rainbow-colored snowflakes.

I cannot believe that the whole town freaked out over a little bit of snow. I’ve slept in deeper snow than this. Weaklings.

I bumped into Dr. Zhivago at the airport. He said he was leaving Wichita and heading back to Moscow to thaw out. He says we can just keep our U.S global warming, as it does not exist in communist Russia.

Wichita is the first city I have ever lived in where they do not plow the residential streets. What good is Kellogg cleaned off like it’s summertime when you can’t get there? Every street was a sheet of ice. Come on, mayor, you’ve got to do better.

Why were city workers, such as library workers, required to work when the city leaders were telling people to stay home and off the roads?

One person in our neighborhood spends his time and energy using his Bobcat to clear neighbors’ driveways. Several are elderly and unable. Thank you, Tim.

Please have some compassion for your animals and find them some warmth. It’s been too cold for man or beast outside.

A special “thank you” to my newspaper carrier for making sure I have my paper every day during these winter months.

Wichita schools were out because of severe weather and snow, yet you saw many families on the news taking their kids sledding. I thought for sure our schools were heated.

Multiple snow days, in-service days that are really four-day weekends, spring breaks that start the Friday before – in real life, the working class doesn’t get close to having that many days off. We should not hear any complaints from employees of USD 259.

Regarding Cal Thomas’ “Obama is becoming increasingly irrelevant” (Feb. 5 Opinion): Thomas is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

The Shockers are a great MVC team. The Jayhawks are a great Big 12 team. Can’t we all just get along?

How sad that the WSU orchestra cannot accept an invitation to play in European cultural capitals. If it were basketball, the cost would be oversubscribed in a short time, but we all know that sporting events are more important than fine arts.

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