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February 6, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 6)

Italy, that bastion of criminal justice, has turned its criminal legal system into the best 2 of 3, like a sports playoff system.

Italy, that bastion of criminal justice, has turned its criminal legal system into the best 2 of 3, like a sports playoff system.

The president is wrong. This isn’t the worst recession since the Great Depression. It’s the worst recovery since the Great Depression.

Don’t ever talk to me about “choice” if you want to forcefully take my tax dollars to pay for abortion.

Who makes the laws – the Congress or the president?

Anyone believing raising the minimum wage will do anything positive would fail an economics or business class in the first hour. They obviously can’t comprehend the consequences that would result from that happening.

Why bother with having courts and legislatures if Hobby Lobby founder David Green’s personal beliefs are sufficient to dictate what is good for the other 313 million of us?

President Obama has issued fewer executive orders than George W. Bush, fewer than George H.W. Bush, fewer than Ronald Reagan – fewer, in fact, than any president in more than 100 years. But that won’t stop Republicans from calling him a dictator, will it?

Why all the hoopla regarding Chris Christie and Bridge-gate, when there is still nothing resolved about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi-gate? Let’s face it: Four dead versus stalled traffic – no comparison.

Fox News presents both sides of a story? It certainly does if you consider the far right and ultra far right to be the two sides.

As one who holds an advanced degree from KU, I am embarrassed by the certain-to-fail progressive politics out of Lawrence so loved by the unwashed masses and unthinking journalists. The disconnect between reality and reporting/opinion is truly striking. And really – why the love affair with Jill Docking and Jean Schodorf? Get serious.

Where are the rants regarding the glitches on KanCare, the difficulty getting payments, etc., that are so prevalent regarding Obamacare?

The person who relies on radio for WSU games should try living more than 30 miles west of Wichita. Those puny AM stations that carry the games reach about as far as I can spit.

This may sound crazy, but insanity seems to be the rule instead of the exception when it comes to the Opinion Line contributors anymore.

For those of you opining with no inkling of the facts: Please shut up.

Evolution is not necessarily to become better or more advanced. The contributors to the Opinion Line are good examples of evolution becoming worse or less advanced.

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