Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 5)

02/05/2014 10:30 AM

02/04/2014 3:37 PM

My plan for retiring and moving out of Kansas is consistent with Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan to bankrupt Kansas. I will let those who elected him pay the higher taxes.

In 2011 President Obama and the dishonest media told us al-Qaida was on the run. CNN reports now that al-Qaida controls more territory than ever. I guess if you like al-Qaida you can keep al-Qaida.

They take our jobs because they are willing to work for paupers’ wages. They avoid paying taxes. While we pay at the hospital, they get all the hospital’s services without charge. Now, bizarre advocates for illegal immigrants are lobbying for individual identification numbers to be used to get drivers’ licenses.

There’s no defensive system – physical, cyber or otherwise – that cannot be penetrated or destroyed. Anything that people can devise and build can be defeated. Cybersecurity is necessarily changing constantly. And remember that some hackers do it out of pure malice.

How many Broncos missed the bus from their hotel to MetLife Stadium on Sunday? All of them.

I pretty much started as a fan of the first Super Bowl as a Packers fan. Peyton Manning is without a doubt the greatest player in NFL history.

Manny Ramirez for president.

With the Super Bowl we all got deluged with talk of how bad concussions are in football. But concussions are a fact of life that happen everywhere. Why, poor Hillary Clinton had one for no apparent reason right after Benghazi.

The Wichita Police Department should have unmarked (daytime only) police cars on Kellogg to catch all the speeders. There is a lot of money to be gained.

Not that most people reading this will do it, but Wichita drivers really need to learn what the right-of-way rules are.

Please excuse my stubbornness as I drove into work Monday morning. When there was enough room behind me to get on Kellogg, you could have shown some patience by slowing down as I passed. There was plenty of room behind me for you and about five more cars.

Shame on Justin Bieber for making a big mistake. Shame on us for supporting him with our dollars if he makes a second one.

The editorial cartoon in the Sunday Eagle referring to Pete Seeger’s song “If I Had a Hammer” was disrespectful and a disgrace to this man’s name. Shame on The Eagle for printing it.

Obviously, editorial cartoonist Richard Crowson has no understanding of our system of government in these United States. It’s called “United States” because that’s wherein the power is vested – the states. In other words, not in the cities and towns.

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