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02/05/2014 12:00 AM

02/04/2014 3:36 PM

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The WSU men’s and women’s basketball teams have a combined record of 41-2. I think that justifies Wichita State as the college basketball capital of the nation. What other Division I school can top that?

To those who believe we don’t need a federal government: Think of it as the referees at a football game. If not for them, there would be chaos.

From Bill O’Reilly’s interview with the president, it’s clear that Obama takes no blame for anything that goes wrong on his watch. First it was President Bush’s fault, then the Arab Spring. Now Fox News? These are not the actions of a grown man.

O’Reilly’s “interview” with the president marked a new low. All questions are fair game. But to continually interrupt, making it impossible for the president to answer, showed a lack of respect for the office and a lack of any journalist qualities. But then that describes Fox News.

All of the geniuses said that the Super Bowl would be evenly matched. All of the geniuses have told Gov. Sam Brownback that his tax cuts are right for Kansas. I sure hope he was watching the Super Bowl.

Interesting how much time the Super Bowl press spent lionizing the quarterback of the losing team.

I can’t wait to take advantage of the NFL’s tax-exempt status next year when I write off my season tickets for the Chiefs. What a deal.

I usually find the singing of the national anthem at sporting events to be unnecessary, but the rendition at this year’s Super Bowl by Renee Fleming gave me chills and put a tear in my eye.

Finally, someone who can read music. Phooey on the game. Go, Renee Fleming.

Why are the only creative ads during the Super Bowl?

At halftime I found myself wondering whether there had ever been a more ridiculous, stupid bunch of commercials. Sometimes they are better than the game, but these were even worse than the sorry game.

Hey, Sierra Club: Get ready to witness some big-time pipe laying.

The next law coming down the pike will probably be a requirement that every newborn baby be issued a gun permit, along with his or her birth certificate.

What is it about icy roads that brings the fools out?

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