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February 4, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 4)

If you realize you are in a deep, deep hole, Mr. President, for God’s sake, quit digging.

If you realize you are in a deep, deep hole, Mr. President, for God’s sake, quit digging.

Edward Snowden should replace Obama.

Hillary Clinton says she has not driven a car since 1996. Maybe not, but she is driving Republicans crazy daily. And that does not even require a license.

President Obama has been unable to work with Congress only because he has had to work with a Republican Party governed by the right-wing tea party. Its sole intention was to make him fail by saying “no” to everything he proposed versus working for the common good.

Todd Tiahrt should run for Congress again. Mrs. Tiahrt: If you’re reading, here’s to convincing you that Kansas’ 4th District needs your husband back.

Mike Pompeo, with his “destination fundraising,” is the best congressman that money can buy.

It’s an insult to our military and an affront to God to refer to military intelligence and biblical truth as oxymorons, as someone did in Opinion Line recently.

Saying the shooters at the malls, schools, theaters, etc., are all males implies that they are humans. They are not human. They are monsters.

When are the “outlaw” losers who steal law-abiding citizens’ identities going to come to justice? Catch ’em and hang ’em high.

The job market for a family member’s field has diminished. No one will hire him. Is it discrimination due to age (he’s in his 40s) depending on the job? Is it discrimination due to his pay he once had? People have to work, and it seems more people are unemployed.

In some TV commercials, when cars are shown being driven at high speeds or doing unreal maneuvers, there is very fine print at the bottom. I suggest they use very large print to say, “Don’t drive like this idiot.”

I was in the marching band the last couple of years the Shockers pretended to play football. If WSU restarts the program, maybe it could compete against small-town high school teams.

I can’t wait to resume going to Shocker baseball games now that Gene Stephenson is gone.

I wish I could thank someone who paid for my breakfast at IHOP, but unfortunately, no one did. I paid for my own breakfast, just like I pay for my own health care insurance, my own groceries, my own cellphone, etc. I wish more people paid for their own stuff.

Send Justin Bieber back to Canada and place him in the custody of Mayor Rob Ford in Toronto.

A big “thank you” to the Grammys for coming out of the closet and for Katy Perry’s satanic ritual on stage. Now I will never, ever have to waste my time again watching that trash.

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