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02/04/2014 12:00 AM

02/03/2014 5:44 PM

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It is a fact that a majority of Americans do not trust one another. Consequently, it has gotten to the place you need a concealed-carry permit just to protect yourself from the guy next door.

If such a large percent of high school students are so poor that they are eligible for free or reduced-priced nutritious meals, where do they get the money to buy a lunch elsewhere? Truly hungry poor children do not turn up their noses at cafeteria food.

Parents can remember Red Bull, smokes, lottery tickets, soda and their cellphones, but can’t remember to send lunch money. That is abuse, not the lunch person turning their kids down.

Conservative Republicans say it’s Obama’s fault. Obama says it’s the conservative Republicans’ fault. It’s been a predictable bottleneck on every issue. Red-and-blue striped-shirt referees tossing a coin would move us forward faster than this.

Obama does not need his pen to make our nation better with “executive” actions. He needs an eraser to remove all the damage he has done already.

Obama has decided to be the bully in chief.

Giving executive power to the president is akin to holding a lit stick of dynamite.

The three branches of government are executive (president), legislative (Congress) and judicial (law). Congress is solely in charge of spending (think pork). President asks, Congress says “yes” or “no.” Get it?

Experts say there are 1,000 financial benefits associated with marriage, so in essence the unmarried are subsidizing the lives of the married. No wonder the majority wants to keep those benefits away from that minority, and by that I mean “the gays.”

Has Kansas ever experienced a time where our state legislators have disregarded the will of the people as they do now? They do not represent Kansans’ will or welfare. Pay attention, and remember their names when it is time to vote. Turn off the ads meant to mislead you.

Not to say anything too bad about Sam Brownback, Kris Kobach or Tim Huelskamp, but I sure wouldn’t buy a used car from any one of them.

If only diners would tip 10 percent for good service. A few think servers live and breathe to clear their tables and bring drinks for $2 an hour. We are grateful for the wonderful customers who acknowledge our efforts and initiative.

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