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February 2, 2014

Opinion Line (Feb. 2)

Teach a man to fish, and he eats forever. Give him someone else’s fish and he will vote for you.

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Teach a man to fish, and he eats forever. Give him someone else’s fish and he will vote for you.

The president could have saved us all a lot of time at the State of the Union address by just saying, “I got nothing.”

The State of the Union address was hilarious. It was a nice touch having all those Muppets stand up and applaud after every ridiculous lie the president told. Oh, wait – that was Congress? All of a sudden, not so funny.

If the president is going to rule by executive orders, the first order needs to send Congress home without pay. If members of Congress are not going to make laws, they have no purpose. The staffs need to go, too.

If you were a CEO of a corporation with an approval rating of less than 50 percent, how long would you last?

Always attempting to fool the voters that he cares about them, Obama has announced he’s going around Congress to create a new way for employees to have retirement savings. What? We already have multiple savings plans, plus old faithful Social Security. Many are so confused now that they do nothing.

For years Republicans have been saying the way to save Social Security was to allow private investments for retirement. Has Obama become a conservative?

A sure sign Kathleen Sebelius is doing the right thing on insurance: The Koch boys are running smear ads against her.

To the women who need birth control because of men who can’t control their libidos: Just say “no.”

Thirty years of stagnant blue-collar wages equals loss of middle-class disposable income equals no amusement parks, no water parks and no WSU football. We can’t afford to participate anymore.

If Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax breaks for the companies are working, why is Bombardier laying people off? I think that is because you have to have sales to build planes. The taxes have nothing to do with it.

Brownback’s economic plan reminds me of the farmer who claimed that his soil was so rich that a footprint would grow as much as 18 inches over night.

Dear Kansas Legislature: Why stop at guns and health care? Why not just pass a bill that says Kansas is only part of the U.S. when the president is a Republican? Think of the time and effort that would be saved in Topeka.

If the WSU orchestra wanted to go to Europe, it should have asked WSU’s grossly overpaid professors and administrators (some make more than $200,000) to donate one paycheck. That would easily have paid for the trip. Too bad it doesn’t get to go. Sounded like a good gig.

I was wondering who is in charge of getting entertainment in this city. Last weekend had too much going on, including the Four Tops, a Tyler Perry play and the Harlem Globetrotters. Why was this not spread out over two or three weekends?

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