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February 3, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 3)

President Obama says the long-term unemployed need a “fair shot.” So he is resigning?

President Obama says the long-term unemployed need a “fair shot.” So he is resigning?

Ironically, only 19 percent of families in the USA invest in the same Wall Street that our president is bragging about doing so well. More of his rich friend advantages.

Obama’s State of the Union speech made me wonder all the more as to what realm this man lives in, because it most certainly isn’t this one. He fails to have a grasp on reality.

Oh, no – I’ve already forgotten who ran on the ticket with Mitt Romney. Could it be Alzheimer’s?

The difficulties with the managed-care organizations in the KanCare rollout are very similar to the ACA implementation. Why doesn’t our Legislature pass a law to exempt the state from self-imposed medical plans?

Now that the Kochs have had their way with Kansas, they have set their sights on the federal government with print and television propaganda from their mouthpiece organizations. Americans need to realize that this country’s government can be purchased if one has enough wealth.

Familiarize yourself with the term “dark money.” Kansas is the poster child of what it can buy in politicians.

Attention, Rep. Tim Huelskamp: You are no match for Rachel Maddow. She made you look like a fool. Quit embarrassing Kansas and just disappear.

“Reality” was the key word in “Why funding difference?” (Jan. 30 Eagle Editorial). We unfortunately have a governor and Legislature not operating in reality, thus causing serious hardships on many Kansans.

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger would appear to be supporting Democrats Paul Davis and Jill Docking for governor and lieutenant governor. A moderate Republican or RINO supporting them – no surprise there.

Sandy Praeger: You go, girl. She’s my kind of Republican, one who makes Kansans her priority. It sounds like she’s got more than two brain cells she can rub together, which is two more than most of our state’s legislators.

The mayor of Wichita should go on a cruise ship tour. It might make his State of the City speech less constricted and more in touch with reality.

My husband and I agree that allowing slots at the dog track would really help in creating jobs. I hope our county commissioners will do what they can possibly do in order to get this accomplished.

New York will be happy to get rid of Sean Hannity. The air will be easier to breathe, and in Texas he will just smell like another cow patty.

This column is called Opinion Line. Thanking some kind soul for paying for your lunch is not an opinion. Please, people, just be grateful, pay it forward, and keep it to yourself. Please, Wichita Eagle, we get it. It’s a nice gesture, but it doesn’t belong in this column.

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