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02/03/2014 12:00 AM

01/31/2014 6:35 PM

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Funny how people who don’t want someone else’s ideas shoved down their throat don’t mind shoving their ideas down other people’s throats.

The federal government should get out of the minimum-wage business. Minimum wage is a state issue, and it is for states to determine what is appropriate for their citizens.

Plutocracy is defined as government by the wealthy class. That appears to be the goal of Americans for Prosperity. In this case prosperity will be for their benefit, with the middle class and poor becoming a class of serfs.

There’s nothing wrong with the rich being able to spend their money, influencing our votes. However, they should have to give an equal amount to the poor (in the U.S.) at the same time.

Scientists surely will discover that the warming of the North American continent is being caused by repeated flights of Air Force One between Washington, D.C., and Hawaii.

Replace the new comic strips with Tim Huelskamp quotes. His pronouncements are funnier.

These ranting and ravings on Opinion Line are an embarrassment to the city and this newspaper.

Even if you had never seen a flake of snow in your life, you ought to be able to handle a couple inches of it. What would those helpless people in Atlanta do in a real crisis?

I’m certainly enjoying the new studio look and format on KSN, Channel 3. Way to go.

It’s hard to express how much I appreciate my neighbors’ loud exhaust sounds when they race off to work early every morning. If I actually got a full night’s uninterrupted sleep, I wouldn’t know how to act anyway.

Come on, people – Target is not the first store to be hacked and won’t be the last. Not shopping there is creating a lot more problems than you realize. I love to shop at Target, and I am not afraid to continue doing so.

Recently my friend was at one of the larger health clubs when a man was apparently having a heart attack. She said that there were people standing around, but no one was performing CPR. Health clubs need to train employees to know where emergency equipment is and how to respond.

Justin Bieber is becoming Lindsay Lohan.

Justin Bieber needs to be deported back to Canada and never allowed to return to the U.S. since he can’t seem to respect our people and laws. Plus, he’s a very bad influence on our youths.

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