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February 1, 2014

Opinion Line (Feb. 1)

Iran and North Korea. Now Syria. This administration still doesn’t know it is getting played.

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Iran and North Korea. Now Syria. This administration still doesn’t know it is getting played.

The media seem far more interested and report far more frequently on the Super Bowl than they do about something truly important, such as Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s efforts to destroy the United States.

Yes, conservatives, let’s get rid of government regulations so we can have clean air like China, safe working conditions like Bangladesh, and safe drinking water like Mexico. At least we’ll all have jobs.

Why do the people in the United States only get to vote for the elites who are rich instead of for normal Americans who are not bought off by the rich and powerful when they get elected?

I will support doing away with Kansas state income tax if the Legislature mandates that all of the money that people and businesses save is either spent in Kansas on goods and services or goes for new jobs in Kansas.

“2013 passenger traffic flat at Mid-Continent Airport” (Jan. 29 Business Today). Maybe that saying was, “Build it and they will not come.”

As a person who has lived in Wichita for more than 40 years, I have determined that Rep. Tim Huelskamp has replaced Fred Phelps as Kansas’ biggest embarrassment.

I don’t suppose the vice president’s winking, grinning and grimacing at the State of the Union speech were disrespectful in Washburn University professor Bob Beatty’s eyes. Only Huelskamp’s tweets were enough of a “breach of decorum” to merit his disdain (Jan. 31 WE Blog excerpts).

If homosexuals believe their lifestyle is right, why do they refer to the rest of us as “straight”? Isn’t the opposite of straight “crooked,” “bent,” “warped” or “distorted”?

People like Fox News because they get to hear both sides of the story and decide for themselves.

Jimmy Fallon is going to replace Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show.” That will be the 2014 version of “New Coke” – a disaster. NBC executives simply don’t get it.

What does it take to get rid of those ridiculous new comic strips The Eagle is running? Bring back the old ones.

I have a device that lets me follow every Wichita State basketball game in real time without a TV, computer or smartphone. It’s called a radio.

To all athletes: Remember that behavior away from the place you compete will likely be the cause of your most enduring failures.

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