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01/31/2014 12:00 AM

01/30/2014 5:35 PM

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Increase all sales tax for Sedgwick County excluding grocery food. Better yet, do what Texas does and eliminate the food tax.

Considering Republican mind-sets and attitudes, it shouldn’t be surprising there’s a decline in the number of women in the Legislature. After all, isn’t that why the phrase “war on women” originated?

There are many reasons some people attempt to convince themselves that a fertilized egg is not simply a phase of human development. Those people who truly believe a fertilized egg is not human do so out of sheer ignorance.

It is difficult to understand why those who are most vehemently opposed to the government exercising any control over their lives are the very same ones who allow one or another fundamental religion to do exactly and completely that very thing.

More than 2,000 homeless kids in Wichita? What a shame. But wait -- turns out none lives under the bridge or in a car. They are “homeless” because they live in someone else’s home. What? Give me a break. What’s worse, the school system has hired someone to count them.

Something is very wrong and a lot of people’s priorities are highly questionable. The homeless are not allowed to put up tents on public property in an effort to survive, but people can pitch tents on public property without challenge waiting for a college sports event.

The 1950s and 1960s were wonderful. However, and sadly, they didn’t include everyone.

Wichita should face up to the fact that all the downtown arena is going to draw are has-beens and wannabes.

Dear pizza box manufacturers: As a custodian, I would ask that your boxes be made so the corners do not poke through the plastic trash bags that people seem to think are unbreakable. Other box companies have tried their best to make their cartons collapsible (thank you).

I left my purse in a booth at Braum’s. Someone turned it in, and I retrieved it with all contents intact. Thank you very much. I will keep you in my prayers.

Ten of our horses recently escaped from their pasture. We located them about half a mile away, and people came from everywhere to help. Some directed traffic; others helped herd and put on halters. We want to thank everyone who helped.

I love it when I’m proved right. I hate it when I can’t say, “Told you.”

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