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January 30, 2014

Opinion Line (Jan. 30)

All-day kindergarten is a great idea. Taxpayers funding it is not. Make the parents pay.

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All-day kindergarten is a great idea. Taxpayers funding it is not. Make the parents pay.

“Growth” will fund all-day kindergarten? Sure it will, and I’m sure Gov. Sam Brownback can give us the address of the tooth fairy, too. What he can’t seem to grasp is that whatever pie-in-the-sky growth materializes will be needed to restore the money to programs he has already decimated.

I don’t know who’s the bigger economic fool: Obama, who thinks you can spend without limit and simply tax people more to pay for it. Or Brownback, who thinks you can cut taxes to the bone and businesses will flock to Kansas and make up any shortfalls.

If I and my staff were to block the polling stations so that 20,000 United States citizens could not vote, we would all be arrested. Kris Kobach gets a pass for effectively doing the same thing.

Don’t Bombardier and Learjet executives pay attention to the news? Didn’t they hear Obama and the Democrats say the economy is getting better and unemployment is going down, not up?

Sen. Pat Roberts isn’t all that conservative. Just a few years ago, he almost broke an arm patting himself on the back for putting even more children on medical welfare via the SCHIP program.

Kansas potheads are asking law enforcement authorities to ease up on enforcing marijuana laws. Law enforcement officers have a duty to uphold the law, and it would be a huge mistake not to enforce any law as written.

Why would our government put our athletes in danger by sending them to the Olympics when specific threats have been made? Oh, that’s right – I remember Benghazi. Our government wasn’t and still isn’t concerned about the ones who got murdered there either.

I think most of the new comics are great. Some are not so great, but tolerable. You’ve got to change once in a while. I’m glad “Get Fuzzy” is gone. I’ll be glad when Obama is gone. He doesn’t make any sense. Oh, wait – that’s not a comic strip.

So columnist Cal Thomas agrees with Fox News – anyone surprised? Talk about two peas in a pod.

There is no way that WSU can get in a better conference without playing football.

The Captain and Tennille are getting a divorce. Apparently love will not keep them together. Dang, that tune is stuck in my head now.

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