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01/29/2014 12:00 AM

01/28/2014 7:21 PM

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I feel truly blessed to live in a city where a front-page article says: “City crews on pothole patrol” (Jan. 24 Eagle).

If you are getting inexpensive insurance through the ACA, you should be thanking the millions of hardworking Americans who are subsidizing your coverage.

The government didn’t give you food stamps, Medicaid and free birth control. Your neighbors did that, and you should thank them for it.

Hey, global warming cultists: How about you pay my propane bill and I will pay for your air conditioning? Any takers? I didn’t think so.

While humans trash the lands and seas and poison the air, some still fail to see what’s drifting this way from Beijing. We all breathe the same atmosphere eventually. And there are still those who doubt that man effects change on the environment.

Earth to Mike Huckabee: We women need birth control precisely because of the men who can’t control their libidos.

Considering the governor’s war on public education, how wonderful to read of students in Battle of the Books (Jan. 24 Local & State). Public schools have suffered at the hands of legislators and well-funded conservative shadow groups. How heartening to know that Kansas educators are fighting for our children.

Thank goodness for columnists Davis Merritt and Leonard Pitts. They are wise thinkers. I can read the Opinion page without gritting my teeth.

People complain that WSU’s opponents are too easy to beat and then when it’s a close game, they say WSU isn’t a talented team. Pick one or the other.

I really don’t appreciate smokers who toss their lit butts out of car windows. It’s littering and it’s rude. It’s also dangerous with the dry and windy conditions. If you choose to smoke, please be responsible with your butts.

To the person who hit my car at the east-side Warren Theatre Saturday: I hope you didn’t have a child in the vehicle when you left without leaving a note. That’s setting a poor example.

Thanks to the party that paid for dinner for me and my wife at the IHOP restaurant on East Kellogg. We will pass the kindness forward. My God bless you always.

Deport Justin Bieber back to Canada and send Lindsay Lohan with him.

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